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And watch it pay in dividends.

You don’t have to go at it alone. Join an entrepreneurial community rooted in growth and contribution where you can meet with others like you who share a spirit of inquiry, a desire to improve themselves, their community and to help others. It’s this “positive peer pressure” that can drive you forward in realizing your potential —whatever that may be. At the core of this are our weekly peer-to-peer meetings (called Juntos).

Regular Junto Meetings

Our regular Juntos are where much of the magic occurs. Every week members have a place where they can have open discussions with peers in an authentic environment. Facilitated by a trained moderator and led by its members, meetings are member driven and span many topics —meaning you get out of them what you invest into them. In this way meeting often provides us with what is needed when it is needed in unexpected ways.

Online Community

Access to our private online forum gives members a place beyond their weekly Junto to connect with the Junto Global community at large, continue the conversation and exchange resources.

Regular Events

Along with our weekly meetings, we hold regular events that allow members to meet others from different Juntos. Experiences include personal finance and investment roundtables, yoga, socials gatherings, community service, and other trainings.

Annual Retreat

What is called “Junto on Steroids.” We organize a weekend retreat away from the demands of our busy lives to connect and reflect. Watch this video to learn more.

Collaborative Mentorship Environment

By joining Junto you’re not just immersed in a stellar peer group, but a network of peer groups. This gives you the opportunity to meet other Junto members in different stages of life who share your same core values. We’ve encouraged and seen this lead to powerful mentorship or coaching relationships.


What our members say about Junto

Junto Global is a peer to peer learning platform for young entrepreneurs and professionals who are taking their lives, businesses and communities to the next level.

Pioneered by Benjamin Franklin, the roots of Junto can be traced back to the beginning of civilization.

Junto Global is an on-going environment where members learn, connect and realize our highest potential together. And we’re looking for others who want to do the same.

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Junto is for those who are searching for something more...this is a conversation on all aspects of life that will challenge you to get real, cut to your core and inspire you to become your best self...

Zach Luczynski

By staying connected with such a powerful and motivated group of peers and meeting regularly over the past few years, we've all helped each other build successful businesses and more importantly successful lives...

Jon Tucker

...It certainly is not for people looking to network, junto is for people seeking self actualization.

Jason Kirby

It has given me the courage to take the key and open the door to the life I’ve always wanted...

Gus Altuzarra
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Junto Membership Application

Membership in Junto is by invitation only. Although we consider all applicants, Junto is not for everyone. Our members are a diverse, interdisciplinary group that meet to discuss a wide range of topics in pursuit of mutual learning and improvement.

In new members we look for those who share an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to learning as a lifelong adventure and a desire to connect authentically in an environment of trust and confidentiality.

In order to maintain the quality of meetings our members have come to expect we require an application to aid in the placement process and ensure we're a mutual fit. The application process takes about 5 minutes.

Junto Membership Application

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Junto Membership Application

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What does success look like to you? *
Do you have a website, blog or Linkedin profile we can check out?

Junto Membership Application

Are you willing to enter every meeting with an open mind and a respect for differing viewpoints? *
Are you willing to openly share with and contribute to others in Junto? *
Are you willing to help others that may benefit from your unique experience and knowledge? *
Can you commit to at least two, 2 hour meetings a month? *
Please list 3 times (including the date) within the next week that you are available for a 15 minute phone call. *
Once your application is submitted you'll receive an email from us asking you to confirm your application. After you've confirmed we'll reach out to set up an introductory phone call.

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