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Winning with People: A Relationships Mastermind

Junto members are high performing professionals and entrepreneurs that work hard to grow and have an impact in their lives. They are ambitious professionally, but also value their health, families, relationships, etc. Building solid relationships is becoming more and more difficult with all the business, noise, and responsibilities of our lives. We are looking for strategies, frameworks, and wisdom of how to have successful relationships with others and ourselves.

Relationship Mastermind V2

Becoming Wealthy & Fulfilled: A Personal Finance Mastermind

Becoming Wealthy and Fulfilled (1)

Join Junto Global and our members as we learn how to create strong personal finances with the intention of accruing wealth. We want to share with you the knowledge of our amazing contributor who will be sharing tools for you to become successful.

Jan Gleisner, one of California’s leading financial advisors, will be sharing from an unbiased perspective the steps to accrue wealth from the beginning stages of the process, to investing savings for achieving financial independence, and creating success.

If you would like to attend the event virtually, please email and we will send you a virtual link to attend the event via Zoom.

Crossing the Channel: A Sales & Marketing Mastermind

Crossing the Channel- A Sales and Marketing Mastermind


Whether we know it or not, we are in a sales position every day. As this is a critical skill for every person to have, we have invited some of the best sales and marketing people that we know to help give you tips and tricks to maximize your success rate. We will be discussing how to harness the resources and hacks required to create our most productive day. Often it’s a combination of people, strategy, and a clear plan of how to execute. So, let’s get clear and break through walls together. Please let us serve you by helping you accomplish your mission.

If you are a Junto member, you have received a calendar invitation. However if you would like to know more, email team(at) and we will share more information as well as the invite with you! Looking forward to seeing everybody there!

Productivity Hacks for Optimizing Business and Life Recap

On Saturday, we had one of our best education events yet! The Productivity Hacks for Optimizing Business and Life was filled with valuable information, great ideas in the breakout sessions, and lots of application of the knowledge afterwards!

In case you missed it or need a quick recap, here are the major points that were discussed:

Christian Chasmer Author of Lose the Limits and Co-Founder / CEO of CC Solutions

Christian shared how through trial and error he has created an incredibly productive business and personal life. The motto for him and his company, CC Solutions, is “What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get done.” Here are the main points that he spoke about:

  1. The three steps to being the most productive are to: systematize, measure, rhythm
  2. Have a discussion with yourself and / or your team about what habits you should start, stop, and keep on a monthly and quarterly basis
  3. His business playbook and how to create one for yourself
  4. These are the top things that make him most productive:
  • Waking up early
  • Exercise (allows mental clarity)
  • Google calendar (block tasks hour by hour)
  • Sunday Prep Day (do the chores this day: laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, weekly goals, scheduling time)
  • Hard stop on work days (choose a time that you hold yourself to finishing work by each day. Doing this will encourage you to work harder and smarter during the day because you know that as soon as that time comes around, you will need to stop)
  • Essentialism (do less, but do it better / “Is this essential?”)

Justin Velthoen Founder / CEO of Tactical Reading

Justin shared his hack for “cheating” the 5+ hour habit of reading a book. As he explains, our food it to nourish our body and knowledge is to nourish our mind – each help their recipients grow stronger. In order to consume the most knowledge possible, we need to become more efficient. This is how he recommended we do this in four reads of the text:

  1. First Read:
    • Read the table of contents, glossary, and index first
      • Decide if you really want to read this book based on the information you just learned
      • Did you get any knowledge out of this quick pass?
      • If you did, do you want to read more or have you learned what you want to?
  2. Second Pass:
    • Read the bold, italics, underlined, “quotes”, pictures, and charts
      • Do you have any new questions after reading this?
      • Are your questions answered?
  3. Third Pass:
    • If you are still interested in more details, start with speed reading for one hour
  4. Fourth Pass:
    • If you are invested in learning this content, then add another hour or two (or however many you would like) to go more in depth in the text
  5. Write down notes at the end of each page with action items to take from what you just learned

Dr. Roddy Carter, MD Author of BodyWHealth and Performance Coach at Aquila Life Science

Dr. Carter had a profound impact on every attendee with his ability to explain how the brain works and why we act the way that we do. From understanding the very basic evolution of the brain to how we can control it to optimize our ability to conquer fears and goals we were in awe of how powerful little voices in our head can be on our lives.

  1. We have three “levels” of brain: primitive (reptilian – be most careful of this voice), emotional (mammalian), and cognitive (human).
  2. The cognitive brain has power over the other two and therefore can choose to listen to or to what degree the other two “layers” of brain impact the decision making
  3. When we have an idea, our cognitive brain will turn it into a desire, then it will become a belief
  4. Physiology drives psychology drives belief
  5. How to ignore the reptilian voice:
    • Say “Thank you for protecting me.” We must listen to our fears, not ignore them – they are here for a reason.
    • Speak to it as a human being and ask it a question. Question why it is there but do not fill the silence when it does not respond.
    • Interrogate it
    • Challenge it and stand up to it
    • Distract it or ignore it (you may doing what you are afraid of until it is quieted or “fake it until you believe it”)

We hope you gained useful information from these notes of the event and are looking forward to seeing you at the next education mastermind in September so that you may gain your own pearls of wisdom firsthand! If you are interested in being invited to this event, please email team(at) and we will send you the appropriate information.

Productivity Hacks for Optimizing Business and Life

Junto Global Presents-

Join us as we learn how to exponentiate our productivity from our three fantastic contributors: Dr. Roddy Carter, Christian Chasmer, and Justin Velthoen. They will be sharing their expertise in their respective areas.

You will learn the neuroscience, strategies, and tactics of high performing individuals. Including, how to read and apply a book in a few hours. You will have an opportunity to hear them share, mastermind around their ideas, and ask them question to help clarify the topics to apply to your own life. It is an event you definitely want to be at!

If you are a Junto member, you have received a calendar invitation. However if you would like to know more, email team(at) and we will share more information as well as the invite with you! Looking forward to seeing everybody there!

Bountiful Bonding Bonfire & Potluck 2017

Bonfire & Potluck


We are really looking forward to our Junto Social Bonfire Event this Saturday. Last month’s hike was so popular, we realized that we wanted to bring people together without an agenda more often . . . and the bountiful bonfire was created!

In our Junto meetings, we usually have 2-3 hours to dive into topics, a couple hot seats and have a structured unstructuredness. The social events are a great way to organically create relationships with members in other groups and spend some more relaxed time with familiar members.

In this Bonfire Event, we will have food, beach games, fire, and a beautiful evening to share. Please bring a bathing suit and towel if inclined to enjoy the paradise we are blessed to live in. Definitely, bring a sweater so we can talk under the stars.

Our goal is for you to leave this event with new friends, deeper relationships, and a relaxed feeling from an evening of fun.

As always, please RSVP to and let us know you are coming. Invite a guest that you feel could bring value to Junto and similarly, who Junto could serve as a platform for.

Event Details Above.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Parker & Junto Global Team


Learning the Language of Leaders


Emotional Vocab One Pager


“What do you look for in companies you invest in?”

This is the question fellow Junto member Shiv Shukla posed to Angel & VC investor Raymond Watt at our November Mastermind Event. Shiv is a medical device entrepreneur raising series A capital. Raymond is serial entrepreneur, investor, and Chairman of YPO (Young President’s Organization)…and throughout the event he shared his experience and contrarian wisdom.

The answer Raymond gave was not what I expected. I was expecting product market fit, clear strategic and operational plan, etc.

Instead Raymond said…

Read More

Member Highlight: Seed of Idea to Growing Successful Company – Jon Tucker

As a community of entrepreneurs and leaders, we’ve experienced how difficult the entrepreneurial journey can be. We’re proud to share a story from one of our member’s successes.


It’s a story of business started from an idea discussed in a Junto meeting and then translated into reality through the skills and action of our member and his team. 

Jon Tucker, the CEO of Compete Marketing, launched a venture HelpFlow eighteen months ago.

It was a huge success going from idea to a five figure monthly sales in six months to six figure monthly sales in 12+ months!!

Jon is a long time Junto member attending almost every meeting for almost five years. When he started in Junto he worked at an entry level role at a large Digital Agency. After a year there he decided to launch his own online agency: Compete Online. Over time, Jon grew the agency but faced the same challenges that all online agencies face. Scaling a services business. 

In Junto, another member introduced a trend he saw to productize online services.

He cited several companies doing with success including wpCurve, Design Pickle, We discussed other services that could be productized. Jon was particularly interested in the discussion and set the “intention item” of continuing to develop ideas along this business model. 

He did! Over the next thirty days, he came up with the idea for and launched HelpFlow. A productized chat service for high traffic e-commerce websites. He was introduced to mentors, customers, vendors and strategies supporting him in turning his intention into a reality.

Like I said, within six months of launching the company was doing five figures in sales per month and soon on its way to be a million dollar plus company.

This is what Jon says about Junto’s role in his life and business:

”Junto has been the most important part of my career so far. By staying connected with such a powerful and motivated group of peers and meeting regularly over the past few years, we’ve all helped each other build successful businesses and more important successful lives. I’m constantly humbled by the accomplishment of this group, and I’m so happy to have been able to surround myself with this group.”

The time is now to start your journey. Great accomplishments do not happen overnight. Let’s start this journey… learn more here:

Onward and Upward!

Junto Global Business Mastermind: Jon Tucker


First, what you need to know about Jon:

Jon is a badass with an attention to detail and a knack for systematizing and discovering inefficiencies. This level of detail is seen in the amount of information he provided, and for those looking to add efficiency and save time & money, this detailed blog post is GOLD.

For those who don’t already know, Jon is a long time Junto member who started a marketing agency called Compete Online.

Jon iterated his business to a productized service which he is close to scaling to seven figures. He is an expert on Systems.


Fireside chat conversation:

What is a system? Why is it important?

•    Businesses do stuff for customers
•    Systems are the means to that end
•    If you make systems easy to understand and execute, you can hire people to do each Read More

Business Mastermind Series: Tyson McDowell


First, what you need to know about Tyson:

You CAN be successful and have a sense of humor.

Junto Global Contributor Tyson McDowell is a 33-year-old entrepreneur with quite a story. He recently sold his company for $100M, which he led as CEO with partners who were much older. He raised money, sold to the initial customers and built the business model and team. He learned a lot along the way. On a personal note, Tyson may be in contention for being the most interest man alive, along with being a successful entrepreneur. He’s Reiki certified. He builds airplanes. And can make you laugh.


What you’ll find in this edition:

How do you interact with your employees?
How involved are you in the hiring process?
What are your challenges employing people from different generations?
What are the benefits?
What is your best practice for creating a strong company culture? Future is the natural of business, the accepted beliefs of the organization.
What books have you been able to apply the most after reading?

Key Lessons Read More

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

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