Our mission is to unlock human potential.
Join Our Exponential Goal Setting Event on January 6th!
Discover Our Favorite Goal Setting Strategies!
Have you created your goals for 2018? Start the New Year strong by joining us on January 6th as we explore the different strategies behind setting your holistic goals and how to achieve them. The event will go from 10:45am - 2pm at WeWork.
  •  Discover Junto's favorite goal setting frameworks
  •  Meet Junto members from other forums
  •  Get clarity on how to accomplish your goals
We've Tried Tons Of Goal Setting Strategies...
Over the years Junto has tested numerous goal setting strategies with the attempt of finding a framework that will greatly increase the chances of members achieving the goals that they set. 

After trying nearly all of the different ways to set and track goals we've found some of the most effective yet simple methods to achieve this. Join our event on January 6th to learn these different types of goal setting strategies! 
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Our Mentor Contributors
Martin Grunburg
Martin is widely recognized as the father of the modern habit tracking movement for goal achievement. He's the creator of The Habit Factor, an international best selling book that has helped thousands of hard-working professionals from all over the world go from total frustration and overwhelm to rapidly realizing their most meaningful goals.

Additionally, Martin has spoken on goal achievement at TEDx in the United Arab Emirates and has been featured in the world's most popular productivity blogs such as Lifehacker.com, Mashable.com, the New York Times, CNet & OpenForum. 
Parker Harris
Parker is the Founder and President of Junto Global, a for-benefit venture that provides a peer to peer and peer to mentor education platform for entrepreneurs and professionals, to connect, grow and contribute together. Junto Global was inspired by Benjamin Franklin and his original Junto and is further expanded on using new personal development and technology tools. 

As well as leading Junto Global, Parker also consults with entrepreneurs and speaks to audiences providing insight into millennial leadership, personal development, and business and collaboration strategies. 
About Junto Global
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Junto Global's Vision
Our vision is to unlock human potential by connecting curated peers, mentors, resources, and events to create a uniquely relevant platform.

We’ve seen the power of peer-to-peer education or the “peer advisory” experience. Meeting consistently with people asking quality questions, exploring ideas, and taking action can drive you forward in creating the life you want. Combined with the power of connecting you to experienced mentors, Junto is designed for your authentic growth.

We have organized resources around your holistic growth and designed experiences for you to learn and build meaningful relationships with others. Together we unlock your potential, help you discover your purpose, and turns it into reality.

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