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What is Junto?

Picture from Junto's 3rd annual retreat.


I’m often asked, “what is Junto?”

And it’s one of the hardest questions to answer. It’s a community. An environment. It’s a peer to peer platform. It’s a movement. It’s an idea. It’s part of our history. It’s the secret to all great accomplishments. Alright, I might be getting a little carried away.

But, really it’s done a lot of outstanding things for people similar to you. Not always in ways they could have planned. It isn’t always comfortable. But, it’s all real, good and really good. Even Extraordinary.

Alright, now that you have no idea what I’m talking about let me get back to the point of this post and introduce you to someone who’s words and actions I really respect, Brian Kidwell. Brian led the second Junto group in San Diego for almost two years before leaving San Diego to travel around the world, which was a long time goal. Here is what he has to say about what to expect from a Junto meeting:

“The first time I went to a Junto meeting I had no idea what to expect or what I was walking into. One of the best parts about Junto is that I still have a similar feeling everytime I walk into a Junto meeting. The meetings are dynamic, engaging, enlightening, and educational. Junto is the epitome of peer-to-peer education mixed with positive peer pressure. My experience in Junto has led to immense growth in many aspects of my life including personal, professional, health, family, friends, and others as well. Junto has helped me and continues to help me clarify my personal values, goals, and vision for my life. Although I personally have seen a lot of growth from Junto, one of the most rewarding experiences is seeing that growth in my peers and celebrating their successes. I am honored to be a part of something that helps individuals thrive in a way that I have never seen before.”

That is the dynamic and engaging conversation you are going to be part of. But, you have to show up, lean in, participate, bring value and then after the meeting reflect, apply and act.

There are times when it’s Friday evening and I’m tired after a long week. The last thing I want to do is drive through traffic and go to Junto. But, every time I do I leave feeling a clarity and a connection to others and myself. It’s the things that we don’t have to show up to that we do that end up making the difference in our lives.  

Best Regards,

Parker & Junto Global Team

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Junto Membership Application

Membership in Junto is by invitation only. Although we consider all applicants, Junto is not for everyone. Our members are a diverse, interdisciplinary group that meet to discuss a wide range of topics in pursuit of mutual learning and improvement.

In new members we look for those who share an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to learning as a lifelong adventure and a desire to connect authentically in an environment of trust and confidentiality.

In order to maintain the quality of meetings our members have come to expect we require an application to aid in the placement process and ensure we're a mutual fit. The application process takes about 5 minutes.

Junto Membership Application

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Junto Membership Application

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Junto Membership Application

Are you willing to enter every meeting with an open mind and a respect for differing viewpoints? *
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Are you willing to help others that may benefit from your unique experience and knowledge? *
Can you commit to at least two, 2 hour meetings a month? *
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Once your application is submitted you'll receive an email from us asking you to confirm your application. After you've confirmed we'll reach out to set up an introductory phone call.

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