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Productivity Hacks for Optimizing Business and Life Recap

On Saturday, we had one of our best education events yet! The Productivity Hacks for Optimizing Business and Life was filled with valuable information, great ideas in the breakout sessions, and lots of application of the knowledge afterwards!

In case you missed it or need a quick recap, here are the major points that were discussed:

Christian Chasmer Author of Lose the Limits and Co-Founder / CEO of CC Solutions

Christian shared how through trial and error he has created an incredibly productive business and personal life. The motto for him and his company, CC Solutions, is “What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get done.” Here are the main points that he spoke about:

  1. The three steps to being the most productive are to: systematize, measure, rhythm
  2. Have a discussion with yourself and / or your team about what habits you should start, stop, and keep on a monthly and quarterly basis
  3. His business playbook and how to create one for yourself
  4. These are the top things that make him most productive:
  • Waking up early
  • Exercise (allows mental clarity)
  • Google calendar (block tasks hour by hour)
  • Sunday Prep Day (do the chores this day: laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, weekly goals, scheduling time)
  • Hard stop on work days (choose a time that you hold yourself to finishing work by each day. Doing this will encourage you to work harder and smarter during the day because you know that as soon as that time comes around, you will need to stop)
  • Essentialism (do less, but do it better / “Is this essential?”)

Justin Velthoen Founder / CEO of Tactical Reading

Justin shared his hack for “cheating” the 5+ hour habit of reading a book. As he explains, our food it to nourish our body and knowledge is to nourish our mind – each help their recipients grow stronger. In order to consume the most knowledge possible, we need to become more efficient. This is how he recommended we do this in four reads of the text:

  1. First Read:
    • Read the table of contents, glossary, and index first
      • Decide if you really want to read this book based on the information you just learned
      • Did you get any knowledge out of this quick pass?
      • If you did, do you want to read more or have you learned what you want to?
  2. Second Pass:
    • Read the bold, italics, underlined, “quotes”, pictures, and charts
      • Do you have any new questions after reading this?
      • Are your questions answered?
  3. Third Pass:
    • If you are still interested in more details, start with speed reading for one hour
  4. Fourth Pass:
    • If you are invested in learning this content, then add another hour or two (or however many you would like) to go more in depth in the text
  5. Write down notes at the end of each page with action items to take from what you just learned

Dr. Roddy Carter, MD Author of BodyWHealth and Performance Coach at Aquila Life Science

Dr. Carter had a profound impact on every attendee with his ability to explain how the brain works and why we act the way that we do. From understanding the very basic evolution of the brain to how we can control it to optimize our ability to conquer fears and goals we were in awe of how powerful little voices in our head can be on our lives.

  1. We have three “levels” of brain: primitive (reptilian – be most careful of this voice), emotional (mammalian), and cognitive (human).
  2. The cognitive brain has power over the other two and therefore can choose to listen to or to what degree the other two “layers” of brain impact the decision making
  3. When we have an idea, our cognitive brain will turn it into a desire, then it will become a belief
  4. Physiology drives psychology drives belief
  5. How to ignore the reptilian voice:
    • Say “Thank you for protecting me.” We must listen to our fears, not ignore them – they are here for a reason.
    • Speak to it as a human being and ask it a question. Question why it is there but do not fill the silence when it does not respond.
    • Interrogate it
    • Challenge it and stand up to it
    • Distract it or ignore it (you may doing what you are afraid of until it is quieted or “fake it until you believe it”)

We hope you gained useful information from these notes of the event and are looking forward to seeing you at the next education mastermind in September so that you may gain your own pearls of wisdom firsthand! If you are interested in being invited to this event, please email team(at) and we will send you the appropriate information.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

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