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SPACE: Where to Start if Stuck Making Habit Changes  

Ten years after I started my personal development journey I was stuck on implementing habit changes that I’d learned and knew would make a difference in my life and success.

I’d studied Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, off course Ben Franklin, and many others and knew that right things to do. The going to bed early, waking up early, exercising, planning my day, meditating, journaling, miracle morninging, etc. But, each day I rushed off to work and by the end of the day I was tired and my will power was gone that I would end up going out, staying up late and starting the cycle again the next day.

In a Meredith Junto meeting, I was introduced to the concept of SPACE. One of the women in the group kept on talking about the SPACE she was creating in her life and how the was impacting outcomes. I was intrigued and asked questions to learn more. The lessons had a profound impact on me. I realized that I was not creating the space in my life to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. I was unorganized, had boxes of papers and files that hadn’t been sorted in years, was spending time and money in ways not aligned with my priorities. I started being intentional about the space I was creating in my life and over the pursuing years discovered my passion, left my corporate job, started a company, and met an amazing woman. 

In that journey diving into my own SPACE, I was surprised all the places it showed up. Places I didn’t expect like time, money, intuition. Through an on-going journey, we’re learning a lot about the larger concept that we’d like to share with you to apply in your life, and create the space for your own journey.

Different element of SPACE:

-Physical Environment


-Body / Physiology







Below is a deeper dive into each of these and how they show-up in our lives:

Physical Environment

Our SPACE at home, in our office, in our car, etc. The space that we take up in this world is a reflection of the care and value we bring to the space and relationships in our life.

Digital Space

As we spend more and more of our time (personal and professional) on our screens ( laptops, tablets, phones, etc.) our digital environment has become more relevant than ever before.

The methods and tools we use to plan, execute, and organize our lives from our time, finances, to relationships to even our desktop are no longer fades but central to operating an effective and enjoyable life.  

Body / Physiology

Our body, our space within is an anchor of performance. If we are healthy, tuned and energetic that will translate into a successful business and personal life. On the other hand, if we are in pain, sick, drifting, and covering up the effects instead of dealing with the cause this will negatively effect our business and personal life.

Here is a TED talk about physiology being the anchor of peak performance:


Time is widely recognized as the most valuable resource. But how do we plan, manage and track this precious resource. What is your relationship with your time? Urgent, creative and intentional or are you wasting time, choose actions based on how you feel and procrastinating.


We reason on three levels. The mental, emotional and intuitive. All three are important. If we do not create an empowering space in our life and body than we cannot effectively reason. Thus effecting communication and decision making. Regular alcohol and drug use can affect our mental space.


As humans we are emotional beings with feelings. Those feelings have a powerful effect on our life and can either work for us or against us. If our physical space does not serve us or we have relationships with people and things that affect our emotions negatively than we are not creating the most effective space for living the life we want.


Our intuition or our “gut” as many people call it is the source of our most powerful and unexplainable knowledge. Malcom Gladwell wrote “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” to help explain the phenomenon.  Toxic relationships, regular alcohol and drug use, and acting against oneself affects our intuitive space.


Money is an important resource to create a sustainable free life. It can be a resource that limits choices and the self-direction that most people today desire. In order to master the game of life we must master our relationship to money. Having an objective view or where you are and where you want to go is the fist step.  From there it’s about setting aside a portion of your income for savings. Over time this will create choices allowing you to invest your time and money on opportunities you bring into your life. 


“We are the sum average of the 5 people we spend the most time with” said Jim Rohn. And it’s true. Life is all about developing relationships. And those relationships will make a big difference in who you become. Those relationships require time, energy, and focused thought to create meaningful strong relationships. Junto is a space to build strong relationships, grow in self awareness and also learn communication skills and other strategies to create and build meaningful relationships.

Relationships can tie to our digital SPACE. CRM’s and email clients can be a useful way to organize our contacts and keep in touch with them regularly building a strong relationship and in extension brand.  

We hope this helps you further the conversation around SPACE in your Junto!

Parker & Junto Global Team

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