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Business Mastermind Series: Tyson McDowell


First, what you need to know about Tyson:

You CAN be successful and have a sense of humor.

Junto Global Contributor Tyson McDowell is a 33-year-old entrepreneur with quite a story. He recently sold his company for $100M, which he led as CEO with partners who were much older. He raised money, sold to the initial customers and built the business model and team. He learned a lot along the way. On a personal note, Tyson may be in contention for being the most interest man alive, along with being a successful entrepreneur. He’s Reiki certified. He builds airplanes. And can make you laugh.


What you’ll find in this edition:

How do you interact with your employees?
How involved are you in the hiring process?
What are your challenges employing people from different generations?
What are the benefits?
What is your best practice for creating a strong company culture? Future is the natural of business, the accepted beliefs of the organization.
What books have you been able to apply the most after reading?

Key Lessons

-Mentorship is everything. Both giving and receiving. Seeking and giving.
-Act of teaching is the fastest way to challenge your own beliefs

Perspectives From The Forum Experience

-At his stage, Tyson does not seek mentorship in a forum setting. He uses forum setting to seek accountability.
-Judgment to others in forum setting comes from a place of love.
-Use the forum setting to enable you to have the ability to project who you want to be. Have group help you get there.

On business matters and wealth

-When approaching business and life wealth and money are not driver, but judge
-Have fun and work with people you love
-Have personal freedom and freedom to give freedom
-All people are people and deserve respect no matter what
-Treat employees as people
-Be vulnerable around employees
-Don’t treat employees like family.
-Don’t raise capital unless its at least 18 months of runway
-Key metric for high acquisition multiple: 30-50% revenue growth on top 30m per year
-Communicate value to others; VALUE STATEMENT

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